vintage analogue



Name Description Price
Adam S3A Famous studio nearfield/midfield monitors in excelent condition except a small spot where the paint is damaged (see pictures). Comes in original box and warranty. 2250€ for two
urei la22 the last compressor made by urei. Very versatile dual/stereo compressor with lots of bells and whistles. CAn be transparant with a lot of headroom or it can have a lot of character. The sidechain EQ is really great and detector is really a great addition. The frontpannel is so crowded that some switch possibilities where left out or put on the back. we added those extra switches. Those can be mounted on an extra blank pannel or behind the rack scews (what we did). Now you can also dial in side chain compression for instance. 850€
Ampex 351 converted to micpreamp Originally from a reel to reel recorder.A lot of work has been undertaken to bring this unit to the highest standard. Replaced all resistors to high grade Dale resistors, replaced all electrolytic capacitors. Replaced all out of specs components like the rectifier. Cleaned and re-tensionend all connections, mechanics and circuit board. We added: phantom power with indicator, a fase switch, bypass, a roll-off switch, Direct signal path, an interstage volume, Output attenuator. This unit can go from very transparant to nasty. With warranty. 1850€
Empirical labs EL8 Distresssor Original version in perfect working order and very good cosmetically. With warranty. sold
Electrovoice EV DS 35 Vintage dynamic microphone in great shape. Has a great sound for vocals and snare. 180€
AKG CK8 shotgun capsule. Used twice. 130€
Sennheiser MD421 Different models and prices. Please call. call
Shure sm58 In the box. 52€
Pair Revox M 3500 dynamic mic, Beyer M 201 This is the Revox version with XLR and more "air". Same microphone different transformer. Very close numbers. Great mic on drums. The Beyer is still produced today, go figure! In great shape, almost like new. 320€ pair
Roland SBF-325 True stereo flanging and chorus from the same rack series as the SDD-320 Dimension D Chorus: 3 different flanger types (mono, stereo, cross-fed stereo) and one chorus. It has a CV input also. sold
orban 622b wonderfull EQ, recapped and put into perfect technical condition. This the version with not potted filter pcb's, this means it is repaerable at all time. The front has some wear from putting it in a rack, with warranty 600€
RFZ V713 Very rare diode compressor from East Germany. Build as a tank. In mint condition, Fully serviced and the functions from the remote control, a lightbulb and a very small meter are added, comes with survival kit. If you prefer a better meter or case, we can provide that as an extra. For now, it is temporarly racked with 2 RFZ preamps. For more information please contact us, with warranty 1850€
urei 565t called the little dipper, great to create some wild phasing effects or to let ringing dissepear in drumsounds. Comes with barrier strip extencions to XLR and with warranty, excellent condition 345€
Neumann u473a compressor from the 70's. It was used for mastering, comes with warranty. It has got some amazing filters for deessing or thrust like API. Also the expander and limiter are a great addition, Racked and with powersupply, ready to go. The Neumann pev is optional. With warranty. 765€
Eckmiller w86 passive 60's 2 band passive EQ, worked together with V72, 60 Hz and 10 kHz SOLD
Neumann W75k Symmetrically built filter, 10dB/okt with 40, 80 or 160Hz and 15Hz in the typical slide-in casette from Siemens and Neumann.This was part of the typical Neumann U47 chain and so responsable for the famous U47 sound. The selector knob has been replaced so that it can be used easily. Built in a wooden box with XLR plugs. Tested with warranty. 430
Neve 2254 copy Compressor built after the legendary Neve 2254E with the addition of the Neve 33609 sidechain, which has become astronomically expancive. Both sides are calibrated and matched so it is perfect for the drumbus or mixbus. Speaking of the drumbus there is sidechain filter added what is a big improvement. The design is done by IJ Research, who is known for his amazing designs. All discrete through hole and where necessary vintage components are used. With warranty. call
SAIT Limcom Very rare Belgium compressor/limiter. All discrete and class A. What makes this compressor unique, except for his tone is that it has zero attack time. We have some more that we will never sell. Great on bass. Completely overhault. Comes with custom gain reduction meter. We can add gain make-up, decay, ratio if you like. We can even rack it for you. With service manual. With warranty 900€
D/R Aurex This is an aural exciter. Sounds very musical. In half 19 inch rack. 60€



Name Description Price
Oberheim dpx1 first sampler reader for mirage akai and emulator II 300/600€
Roland DEP 5 Instant 80's vibe; Great multiffect 230€
different Siemens sitral modules call
Crumar compac synth vintage Italian synth, split mode and 2 moog filters. Some synths are rare this one is very rare. I could't even find a picture of this specific model. Comes with warranty call
hohner pianet T smallest electric piano from the 70's call
Oberhei OBX In mint condition with all the voices. With 1 year warranty sold
Oberheim expression pedal very robust foot controller for the OBX OB8 OB8a from the 70-80's 80€
Moog Memorymoog plus with special eprom to add midi channel. In perfect condition, with warranty. By with confidence. 12000
Korg Rhythm KR-55 This is a modified rhythm machine from the late 70's. The outbreak box contains seperate outputs and individual trigger inputs. It was used together with a big modular synth. Today it is easy to program it with any midi trigger device. 500€
Hamond Auto vari 64 In great condition. 370
Zoom Sample Tank ST-224 Your dirty sampler with lowfi effects, like pitch and stretch, filters for creative manipulation. Almost like new. With manual and smart media memorycard. 320
Hammond Auto Rhythm FR-2D Analog Drum Machine Analog Drum Machine in great condition. 250
Rhythm Ace FR-6 analog drum machine Pre Roland, sweet little box. The powersupply is modernized to suppress noise and hum. 330
Eagle International Lafayette RA 859 Little spring reverb in great condition. 170€
Korg ms20 original vintage model in very good condition. 1600€
ARP Axxe Single-VCO version of the ARP Odyssey with warranty 680€
Sequential pro one one of the best in great condition 2100€
Moog the Source very similar to the Mini moog but with memory 2250€
Moog Liberation The first keytar, perfectly serviced in great condition withe warranty 2100€
Electro-harmonix Deluxe Memoryman In near mint condition. Never seen a foot. From the 90's sold
Maestro Fuzztain MFZT-1 circa 1970s designed by Bob Moog. The effect is part compressor part fuzz with 3 different modes of fuzz, all the way to the left is sort of a present sounding sustain, in the middle is a soft with light to mid sounding fuzz, the hard right is a more heavy. In good condition, one rubber foot is missing. The powersocket is replaced by a more common one like Boss pedals. 320€
Ibanez Phase Tone PT-909 Phaser from 1980, in rather good condition. With power input. From Japan 150€
PEARL phase shifter model F-601 Some minor signs of use. From the 80's made in Japan 90€
cat's eye mista fuzz Custom germanium transistor fuzz in almost new condition, modified with true bypass 100€
Mike Matthews Soul Kiss In original box 60€
Coron Line Booster New in the box, in beautiful orange color, found in the store after 50 years. Collectors item. 80€
Roland sh101 New in the box, found in the store after more than 30 years. Tired of worn out sliders and a bad working bender here is your chance. We have 3. Please ask. call
Solina string synthesiser Only 100 ever made, cosmically in great condition. We repair analog gear for more than 30 years and we do it with a lot of passion and near to perfection. Buy with confidence. sold
Technics sl-d1 turntable with dust cover but missing the hinges, with stylus 145€
Keyboard flight case for synths like the roland JX8P 20€