Desert Island Studios

At Desert Island Studios we go the whole nine yards to get the best out of your project. Whether it’s recording a full album, mixing voice-overs or creating a demo, we get the job done all in line with your budget.

Our engineer was born with a passion for music and electronics and these passions meet in our studio in perfect harmony. He has been able to share his knowledge with eager engineers in training at the university of Limburg.

With more than 25 years of experience, he has a good idea how to get the best out of a session and how to capture your sound. We have been lucky to work with amazing artists like Flume, dEus, The Van Jets, Justin Bieber, Christoph Waltz, Helmut Lotti, Yevgueni and many, many others.

Look at our contact page for the opening hours of the repair and the vintage shop.

what we do


professional analogue and digital equipment

● world-class microphones to capture your sound ● large recording room with 2 story-high ceiling ● vocal and large drum booth ● vocal booth ● control room ● all rooms are acoustically treated ● impressive backline● grand piano


acoustically designed by Northward Acoustics

● a wide range of monitors ● budget mixing: working together to get the most out of your skills ● co-mixing: when you need help with your own mixes or when you need a fresh set of ears and a change of scenery ● full mixing service ● vocal and drum mixes

Sale and Restoration

we sell with warranty

● hang out and share some stories while we admire some vintage gear ● We also sell your equipment.

Reanimator offers all you need

custom-built console

warm or bold eq's

some of our limiters

different view of tube compressors

large european condenser mics

more condensers

a glimpse of our dynamics

every mic collection needs ribbons

Looking forward to hearing from you

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